Application of Ozone in Laundry


What makes Ozone so Special in Fabric Washing.
Ozone is highly unstable, and this property also makes it a very powerful oxidizing, cleaning and bleaching agent, with special application in laundry washing. Ozone works best in cold water - hot water breaks ozone down before it can perform as intended - it attacks most organic soils and kills bacteria 3200 times faster than chlorine bleach.
Ozone is totally biodegradable and when it completes its function, it reverts rapidly back to Oxygen (O2), leaving no chemical residues behind.


Application of Ozone in Pharmaceutical processes, Pharmaceutical waste water treatment, Pharmaceutical ozone



Old School Laundry required

1. Hot Water
2. Alkali
3. Detergent
4. Acid
5. Bleach

Today with Ozone Laundry it only requires

1 - Cold Water
2 - Ozone
3 - Detergent



















Ozone Laundry, Environmentally friendly alternative





























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